Getting Started - On-Demand Messaging to Address Challenges

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Overall you are a fit for your job and you are happy, but sometimes you need support. Maybe a new management position is opening up and you want to prepare to apply. Maybe friction with a coworker or a change in leadership and you are struggling to adjust.  We are here to be your partner.

This plan offers virtual support via messaging to provide perspective and strategies to address your challenges or opportunities for $49 a month. 

As always, support is confidential. 

You love your job, but you're stuck. Trying to figure out how to grow? You know what you do well. You know where you could improve. You're ready to use your  strengths and find a way to best way to use your talents.


This plan fits your life and schedule with 100 percent virtual support. Message your coach anytime from anywhere. 

Program Objectives:

You love what you do, but you want more. This program is designed to help you develop an approach to get that promotion, new job, or develop your career in a way that is meaningful to you.  

What to Expect:

  • Program Length: Three (3) Months
  • Unlimited Check-Ins/Discussions via email to address challenges as they occur
  • Assessments as needed to address challenges, concerns, and goals