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You Partner for Success Defined in Your Terms

Your Career

Maybe your career has already taken you great places. Maybe it is just taking off. Either way, you know you’re ready for the next step. You’ve got training, connections, and skills. But you need an objective expert's advise and support to get to that next level. A career coach is that objective expert who is not motivated by your productivity and usefulness to the company.  Your coach is your advocate and guide. At OV Force our certified coaches are trained to support, mentor, and challenge you into the career of your future.

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Our Process

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I am in control of my career.

I love being an engineer, but struggled with how to stay technical and grow within my company. My coach helped me create  path to grow my career and connect with my boss. I love going to work. 

Laura W.

Every Sunday, my stomach would knot up thinking about going to work on Monday. I worked with my coach to find a direction that aligns with what I want and need from life and create a transition plan to acheive success as defined by me. 

Greg K.

"I once got to drive a sports car on a racetrack with a driving coach, who pushed me faster than I ever would have pushed myself.  It was exhilarating!  That's what coaching means to me." 

Greg T.

Get the support you need for success.

OV Force is there for you. Support and advice on demand with scheduled sessions, on demand support to work through critical items and situations, and assessments to help create a better tomorrow.  We enable our team with technology to deliver superior results. 

Solving Challenges with Expertise

Our clients faces all kinds of challenges. Take for example a recent challenge from Kevin F.

"I transitioned from the military a little while ago and was able to land my first job without any problem. However, I feel like I can do more.  I really like where I work, but I needed the income, so I took the first offer.  I know the job market is changing and I want to make sure I am qualified.  In looking around, there is a LOT of information out there for veterans programs, but I need to know if these are right for me and my HR does not have any background to assist me in identifying a career path.  Do you have anyone who can help me?"

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